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New Discovery Interpretations in Egypt that Scientists are Scared to Admit

Book of Death

Egypt is a country that goes back in history as one of the oldest known human civilizations.

Scientists and archaeologists are expecting to find more dazzling and surprising discoveries every year.

So many mysteries and secrets are waiting to be resolved. The more we discover the more history takes us further back with this great civilization.

Is it important for the human race to learn more about its own past? Maybe it is more important than we think. Maybe our future and survival rely on understanding the ancient origins of our civilization.

In thisarticle we will shed some light on some concerning and potentially scary findings according to new and progressive interpretations. Please let us know what you find interesting about Egypt and leave us a comment about what subject you would like to learn more about.

Giza Pyramids

Giza Pyramids

The Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx maybe much older than we know.

The Three Pyramids of Giza are known to have been built by three kings from the 4th dynasty. The Father Khufu, the son Khafre, and the grandson Menkaure. The current aging of the three pyramids according to this scenario puts them at 4500 years.

But, is it older than that? One of the most important findings that may point to the pyramid builders is the Merer’s Papyri. Merer was a supervisor of a team of workers who were responsible for transferring blocks of stones between Toorah area and Khufu’s Pyramid area. How do we know the blocks were actually used to build Khufu’s Pyramid? Well, we don’t. It was just assumed that workers transporting stone blocks at the time of Khufu were logically part of the Khufu’s pyramid building project.

We also have the incredible discovery of the city of workers right by the pyramid. It is believed to have been the home to more than 10000 workers who were generously compensated for their work on the pyramids. We do not know for sure if this was a workforce to maintain the pyramid, build and maintain temples and other monuments and artefacts around the pyramid, or for building the pyramid itself.

Giza Ruins Attrib: MezzoMezzo, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This is the current mainstream consensus on when and who build the great Giza pyramids. We still have a lot of mysterious and unknown pieces of the puzzle. For example, how were millions of blocks of stone moved from their source and up to their location on the pyramid?

Pyramid Stones

The weight of each block is about 2.5 tons. Some blocks of granite used for the King’s chamber were brought from Aswan quarries more than 700 kilometers away and weigh more than 80 Tonnes per block.  Around 2.3 million blocks were used in Khufu’s pyramid alone. The cutting of the stones with high precision is another mystery. It does not look like the primitive tools the Egyptians had at the time could produce this clean-cut blocks of tough stones.

Inside Khufu’s Pyramid, the kings chamber was found to be free standing and vibrates at specific audio frequency. There are narrow and small ducts along the body of the pyramid leading to the chambers. The 3 pyramids themselves align with the Star group of Orion according to night sky map 10000 years ago. Is that just a coincident? No one knows. The lower chamber looks to have traces of water flowing into them.

Khufu’s Pyramid Chambers

Several researchers carried out experiments to imitate the water flow into the Subterranean chamber at the bottom of the pyramid and ended up with a structure that created pulsing audio waves when water flows into the chamber. They may have created the audio frequency required to cause the king’s chamber that is a free-standing structure to vibrate. But why? And how would this be built to be just a tomb of king Khufu? The alternative history theory claims the pyramids are much older that 4500 years.

Giza Pyramids: Energy Generators? Atlantic Related?

They go back between 9000 and 12000 years and they were energy generators or interstellar communication devices in some way. They may have been built by Egyptians who lived way before the dynastic Egyptians that we know. We do not have a clear evidence of those advanced Egyptians though. Were they trying to create energy and the pyramids are actually large energy factories? Or were they trying to generate communication waves that can be sent into space to communicate with some other civilization? Did that civilization respond as a result, and, several thousand years later have arrived and are now watching and observing our planet? No one knows for sure.

King Scorpion – Predynastic

We do know however that Egyptians had organized and established governments way before Egypt was unified by king Narmer. Was the knowledge and information about those Pre-dynastic Egyptians destroyed by war? By natural disaster? We do not know, and we do not have clear evidence to support this idea, but at the same time, it is difficult to ignore the traces of relatively advanced technologies such as the design of the pyramids chambers, the accuracy of positioning the pyramid to be aligned with true north when Egyptians did not have a compass.

It is difficult to ignore the possibility of the pyramids being used for more than just tombs. Were predynastic Egyptian people trying to start over after their civilization was wiped out somehow? Were the builders of the pyramids leaving us a message that we need to decipher before it is too late for humanity? Is someone trying to stop humanity from finding out the truth in time? Well, there is so much to explore and Only time will tell. We just hope we can find out before it is too late

The Great Sphinx

The Great Sphinx of Giza – Attrib: Hamerani, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Sphinx is 240 feet or73 meters long, and 66 feet or 20 meters high. It is one of the largest ancient world sculptures. Mainstream archeologists put it in the time of king Khafre and attribute it to that Pharaoh. However, some alternate history archeologists and Egyptologists claim that the corrosion of the sculpture walls and the surrounding enclosure walls point to an older era when Egypt was exposed to a climate with heavier rainy seasons than it was 4500 years ago.

Sphinx Walls Erosion

This fringe theory suggests the Sphinx to be 9000 to 12000 years old. This is older than any of the predynastic civilizations discovered so far in Egypt. This takes us back to the potential missing link or the missing civilization that was able to build a structure this large in very early time of human civilization history. Some supporters of this theory claim that the builders of the Sphinx are survivors from the sunken Atlantis. There is no evidence so far to support the idea that there was a place or continent called Atlantis other than writings attributed to Greek philosopher Plato. The claim also suggests that the knowledge of the Atlantis people was hidden in a Hall of Records room under the Sphinx.


So far Atlantis is just a myth, as no scientific evidence has proven its existence let alone linking it to the building of the Sphinx. Another suggestion is that the Sphinx was built by predynastic ancient Egyptians 10000 or more years ago just as the Göbekli Tepe in Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey was built around the same time. Both structures may go back to the Neolithic period.

Göbekli Tepe – Teomancimit, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Another example is Tower of Jericho which is believed to have been built around 10000 years ago. It seems that Prehistoric people were capable of building megalithic structures. Dr. Hawas, the famous Egyptologist has called the prehistoric Sphinx advocates as pyramidiots. He strongly believes that the best evidence we have so far points to Khafre as the builder of the Sphinx and that the sphinx is about 4500 years old. Geologist Dr Schoch on the other hand is a strong advocate of old Sphinx theory due to geological evidence from his perspective. He Believes a major solar outburst cataclysmic event happened at the end of the ice age and caused the demise of civilizations in Egypt and in other areas around the world.


Although the current evidence leans towards opinion of Dr. Hawas and traditional Archeology, it would be a mistake to dismiss challenging ideas that could some day open the door to discoveries beyond our wildest imagination. Only Time will tell There is no clear evidence that the Sphinx is built by Khafre and the same goes to the three Giza Pyramids. No clear writings state that these were built by those kings.

Are we looking at a big missing chunk of human history? It will take a significant discovery to scientifically prove these theories. For example, we need to find burial sites, tools, or any artefacts that tell us more about the story of that civilization. If that civilization was destroyed by some cataclysmic event, like the destruction and sinking of the Atlantis into the sea, a large meteorite, volcano, or earthquake the destroyed and buried the evidence, it is going to be hard to make this a widely accepted theory. We should continue the efforts to reveal more of the secrets of these incredible structures to learn more about how humanity came to what it is today and maybe where it is going in future.

The Palermo Stone

Palermo Stone

The Palermo Stone is the oldest finding that mentions the kings of Egypt. It has a listing  of dynastic Kings from dynasty 1 to 5. It also mentions kings before the unification of Egypt who ruled two separate states: Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.

Unfortunately, only some fragments of this stone remain today. These fragments are available in different museum around the world including the museum of Palermo, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and in the Petrie Museum of Archaeology in the University College of London.

A line on the stone lists Predynastic kings of lower Egypt before the unification of Egypt. They are identified by the red crown which is a symbol of lower Egypt. Due to the damage and missing pieces, we do not have the full list. However, it is estimated that there could have been up to 120 predynastic kings. These kings had a fully functioning state.

Lower Egypt Crown

We are not sure who could have been the rulers or kings even before that. The organized and centrally controlled governments obviously go way back before the dynastic era and before Narmer unified upper and lower Egypt. The Egyptian history keeps getting deeper with each excavation.

The advanced machines drawings in a temple

Advanced Technology Images at Abydos Temple – Attrib: Roland Unger, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Are there modern vehicles depicted on the walls of this Egyptian temple?

The sacred city of Abydos is one of the most ancient cities in the world. It is located south of Egypt and west of the Nile. It is one of the most important archeological sites in Egypt.

SETI I Temple in Abydos

The Temple of Seti the first, also known as the Great Temple of Abydos is in the city of Abydos. It goes back about 3300 years. It was built by Seti the first and completed by his son Ramses the second. The temple is famous for the ‘Abydos King List’ depicting a chronological listing of kings of Egypt since Narmer who unified Egypt.

Abydos King List – Attrib: Kurohito, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

But the bizarre findings were noticed on one of the gates in the temple. The drawings of what seems to be modern vehicles on the walls of the Temple of Seti the first. Traditional Egyptologists explain it to be the result of repeated writing, plastering, and chiseling by different Pharaohs over a long period of time which eventually worn out and ended up looking like this by chance.

Eroded plaster or future vision?

According to traditional Egyptology the original carving by Seti the first, red ‘He who repulses the nine [enemies of Egypt]’ that was later plastered and overridden by Ramses the second to say ‘He who protects Egypt and overthrows the foreign countries’. Over the centuries, the eroded plaster ended up looking as we see it today.

However, what seems strange is that these rewritten words are coincidently looking like modern time vehicles: A chopper or helicopter, a submarine, a tank, and a plane. Why did random accidental plastering and rewriting result in only figures that look like modern time vehicles and not like different other things. Why is it not looking like one modern vehicle, but 3 or 4? Did someone have a vision from the future and wanted to record it? Is it a case of extreme coincidence or a chilling discovery? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.


Should we continue to discuss and try to better understand what we are observing that is coming from far far away history? Is someone trying to send us a message across time? Are these messages intended to humans with the right technology at the right time to understand the message? Or are these interpretations unnecessary exaggerations and can be explained by traditional archeology. Ancient Egypt is still a mystery after many years of excavations, discoveries, analysis, and rediscoveries. What will we discover soon? Leave a comment and Keep watching Egyptian Planet to learn more about this amazing civilization.

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