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Ancient Egypt Technology: Is it a Glitch in The Matrix?
Ancient Egypt Technology: Is...
Egypt is full of mysteries. The Egyptian Oracle, Serapeum Boxes, The elongated heads of Akhenaten’s family, The Stone carved artifacts in Saqqara Tunnels, and many ...
Sep 15, 2022 , 0
New Discovery Interpretations in Egypt that Scientists are Scared to Admit
New Discovery Interpretation...
Egypt is a country that goes back in history as one of the oldest known human civilizations. Scientists and archaeologists are expecting to find more ...
Aug 06, 2022 , 0
Breakfast in New Cairo: Arabiata (El Shabrawy) Review
Breakfast in New Cairo: Arab...
I went to Arabiata looking for a local Egyptian breakfast experience. Arabiata used to be one of many branches El Shabrawy chain of restaurants. El ...
Nov 08, 2019 , 0

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