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Best 46 Breakfast Places in Cairo

When in Cairo, breakfast is (maybe) still the most important meal for some people as it breaks the overnight fasting, supplies the body with sugar and provides other important nutrients to keep your energy levels high through the day. You can have this meal in many places around Cairo and enjoy the experience too!

The quote says “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a poor” is undisputed for many people (except maybe for those on Keto diet or intermittent fasting) as breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, burns calories during the day, it’s the most important meal of the day “fitter people don’t skip breakfast”. If you are a foodie, on Paleo, Keto, or whatever diet you might be on you will always find good options around Cairo. You just need to search for the right places.

However, putting all that aside, the most important factor if you are visiting Egypt, is that you need to try a real Egyptian Breakfast. It is part of the overall Egyptian experience for me whenever I am in Egypt. Let me suggest some places in Cairo for you that I have tried over the years in my several travels to Egypt

An appetizing Breakfast with Morning Coffee

If you are looking for a traditional Egyptian breakfast or other options, most travelers will be dreaming of a nice breakfast and a good morning coffee to have a nice day start. Wherever the place you are staying in Cairo, good places are available but you might need to walk or ride to the nearest breakfast place or restaurant to enjoy the best meal in town.

Breakfast in Cairo with a Nile View

Breakfast on the Nile in Cairo is available at many restaurants
Breakfast on the Nile in Cairo is available at many restaurants

If you are thinking about breakfast by the Nile, nothing will beat the following top 10 Nile view restaurants in breakfast:

No. Restaurant Name Style Location Prices
1 The blue restaurant & grill Mediterranean – European – Italian Garden City $40 – $80
2 The view Mediterranean – European Maadi $20 – $50
3 L’Uliveto Italian – European Down town $30 – $60
4 Night & Day Egyptian – middle eastern Inside InterContinental  hotel in down town $15 – $25
5 Zitouni Egyptian – Mediterranean Inside a hotel at Garden City $40 – $100
6 Omar El Khayyam Egyptian – Mediterranean Inside Marriott hotel at Saray El Gezira $15 – $30
7 Lobby Lounge International Down town $10 – $25
8 Carlo’s – Le Pacha Egyptian – International Zamalek $10 – $20
9 ZEN Café & Lounge International Inside holiday Inn in Maadi $5 – $25
10 Casper & Gambini European – international Zamalek $10 – $15

Best breakfast Places in Cairo

You can find many breakfast places around Cairo with different breakfast themes
You can find many breakfast places around Cairo with different breakfast themes

If you are an early bird (or not), you can find a good restaurant that serves breakfast in your neighborhood, Cairo is a large City (Cairo area is about 1500 km²) but, here is a list of the famous touristic places:

The below map (my hand drawing map and it’s 99% accurate) shows the important neighborhoods in Greater Cairo (Cairo & Giza): Pyramids Area – Kirdasah – Mohandeseen – Zamalek – Down Town – Maadi – Nasr City – Heliopolis – Airport Neighborhood – New Cairo (The 5th Settlement).

Cairo Map - Egypt
Cairo Map – Egypt

46 Spots in Egypt That Serve Amazing Breakfast

Breakfast Near the Pyramids of Giza:

If you are looking for a place to stay near the pyramids of Giza, then you can read our article about the pyramids (Advice on visiting Pyramids) and if you are just looking for a breakfast with a view of the Pyramids check the below list:

Breakfast with Giza Pyramids View - Cairo - Egypt
Breakfast with Giza Pyramids View – Cairo – Egypt
  • Mena House Hotel: this place is a hotel with a view of the three famous pyramids, it’s the best place to stay if you were traveling to visit the pyramids. There will be many food options inside.
  • El Dar Darak pyramids Giza: this restaurant serves Egyptian cuisine, tasty, reasonable prices, friendly polite staff and a very clean rest rooms. Usually this place gets busy with tourists during lunch time but you should always be able to find a table.
  • Pyramids view Inn: this place is a hotel you can enjoy the pyramids view from your room or you can just visit the restaurants inside for breakfast, many food options.
  • Pyramids Valley: this place is also a hotel and it is 150 meters away from the Great Sphinx with a lovely top roof restaurant.
  • Elhadaba: it is a cafe and restaurant with a great view of the great sphinx offers oriental food but relatively for a high price but, you should try it and enjoy the view.

Breakfast in Kirdasah:

Kirdasah is famous neighborhood because of its handmade products like woven carpets, wall hangings, and silk dresses. It is located near the Giza Plateau and has few places to have breakfast:

  • Tents Mandi Kerdasa: this restaurant serves Egyptian food for breakfast for a reasonable price but it is very famous with its lunch local meals like Kebab, Kofta and Tarb and other Egyptian and Arabianfood.
  •  Abla restaurant: this restaurant is located in “Mansouria Road” in Kirdasah, offers affordable price, tasty Egyptian food and nice service.

Breakfast in Mohandeseen:

Mohandeseen is a very popular commercial area and neighborhood, relatively crowded most of the day. It has many restaurants and food options, here is a list of the best places in the area:

  • Geo restaurant & Café: this restaurant serves an amazing breakfast and located in the famous Lebanon square but, “Shisha” is served inside the place so, if you have a problem with smoke or the smell, you better find somewhere else.
  • My Queen Restaurant: located in a famous street called “Gameat Al Dewal Al Arabeya” and opens at 10:00am, offers an amazing Egyptian breakfast but, you will eat in your car because there is no seating area.
  • Tebesty: this restaurant is near Lebanon square and very famous of its pizzas and also offers other food options for a good price.
  • Archers: a good restaurant located in “Damascus” street open 24 hours a day, offers good food, good for groups and perfect for families with a good wide space
  • Chopsticks: enjoy Jazz music, American food and a different atmosphere.

Breakfast in Zamalek:

Zamalek - Cairo - Egypt
Zamalek – Cairo – Egypt

Zamalek is an island in the Nile. It is crowded, full of foreign embassies, and has a lot of breakfast options because it is famous of having foreigners and visitors renting furnished apartments for long periods. Here is a list of some of the best places for breakfast:

  • Crimson Cairo restaurant: you can enjoy your breakfast with breath taking view of the Nile view and it opens 8:00am, drinks also are nice and staff is professionals. This
  • Saraya Gallery: this restaurant is inside Cairo Marriott Hotel, serves French breakfast but opens 12:00 pm so, it is not an option if you won’t have you breakfast that late.
  • Maison Thomas restaurant: this is a 24 hours’ place, serves amazing Italian Pizza and many other Italian food options and deserts.
  • La Bodega – Aperitivo : Italian – International breakfast is served here, perfect for groups but with no Nile view.
  • Saraya Boat: it is a docked boat hotel. It serves breakfast in its restaurant that opens at 8:00am and has good Egyptian food options with the waterfront Nile view.

Breakfast in Downtown Cairo:

Downtown Cairo - Egypt
Downtown Cairo – Egypt

Downtown is the heart of Cairo, lots of buildings there were originally designed by French architects so, architecture is a historic European style. Some of downtown buildings are considered landmarks.

  • Groppi: this shop was founded in 1909 by the Swiss Groppi family and survived till 1981 when it was sold to Egyptian family Loqma. It was orginall established as an iccream shop. You can enjoy a great Swiss style breakfast with all its famous baked croissant and a cup of tea.
  • Café Riche: this coffee shop  was opened for the first time in 1908 and it was said to be regularly visited by king Farouk “King of Egypt” who was the 10th king from Mohamed Ali dynasty.IT was renewed as one of the landmarks of downtown Cairo. It is located in Talaat Harb Street and serves Egyptian – Middle Eastern food. Some of my friends told me that service there is no more like before.
  • Eish & Malh: this restaurant is located in Abdeen area in downtown and opens at 7:00am and offers Egyptian oriental food like “Foul, Falafel and Feteer” but, always busy specially from 7:30 to 9:30am.
  • Zooba: this restaurant is located in 26th July street – Zamalek, opens 8:00am and serves the delicious traditional Egyptian plates (eggs with besturma (or Bastirma – the famous Egyptian air dried meat), Foul and pickles) for fair prices.
  • Felfela: this restaurant is located in “Bab Al Louq” downtown area and it opens at 9:00am, it is a great place for having Egyptian food and many menu options. It is famous for serving the best Feteer in Cairo.You can also order a takeaway meal.

Breakfast in Maadi:

Maadi - Cairo - Egypt
Maadi – Cairo – Egypt

Maadi area is a district south of Cairo and at the east side of the Nile bank, and it is a home of many embassies and international schools. Maadi original architecture style was designed by a Canadian architects back in 1905 and this is why there are many villas with wide gardens still seen till today. The first solar thermal power station was built in Maadi. There are many restaurants in Maadi where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast. Here is a list of some of the most popular ones:

  • Ovio Maadi restaurant: this restaurant is inside the Royal Maadi Hotel, Italian style and opens at 8:00am. It is very famous with its pancakes and egg dishes Friendly staff and cozy environment.
  • II Mulino: nice bakery and Italian food, this restaurant opens at 7:00am and located in “Degla” area which is the heart of Maadi. It gets busy from 9:00 to 11:30 am and prices are fair.
  • Lucille’s restaurant: you can enjoy a typical American breakfast; this restaurant opens at 8:00am and has professional staff, nice background music. Burgers shouldn’t be missed in this one.
  • Foul 3M Attia Restaurant: wake up early and enjoy a nice hot oriental meal near the famous “Grand Mall Maadi” and all about Egyptian famous “Foul & Falafel” and I can tell you that this restaurant makes the best Falafel in Cairo. This restaurant serves breakfast only from 4:30 am till 10:00 am and closes after that. Don’t be late for the most famous and best street food in the area.
  • Mahraja & ZenZen restaurant: the best Indian food in the neighborhood, portions are not much but tasty and rich. You can enjoy the famous Indian spices and they may offer you a free ice cream.
  • Villa Caracas restaurant: this is a Lebanese restaurant It opens at 8:00am and gets crowded around 9:30 am. Serves nice tasty food for a relatively high prices but you will enjoy a good meal and you can have it in open air area.

Breakfast in Nasr City:

Nasr City - Cairo - Egypt
Nasr City – Cairo – Egypt

Nasr City was built during the 1960s as an extension to Heliopolis, located at the east side of Cairo. Egyptian president “Gamal Abdel Naser” was involved personally in the design of the neighborhood and he chose its name “Nasr City” which means in Arabic “Victory city”. Nasr City is the largest district in Cairo, occupies around 250 km² (larger than Washington DC) and divided into 10 sub-districts connected all with a grid of modern roads system.

It is crowded with all forms of transportation including buses, taxis, minibuses and micro-buses. The 10th district is home to refugees and immigrants from different countries especially African countries like Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria China and Malaysia. Most restaurants in that area are catering to those nationalities who live in the neighborhood. All other districts (from 1 – 9) are crowded with commercial and shopping malls (since 1990s) with fast food restaurants and coffee shops. The following are my recommended breakfast spots that are worth trying in Nasr City:

  • Spectra Restaurant: this restaurant is located inside “Genena Mall” at the 4th floor, it’s an Italian restaurant serving good portions for a good price and opens 24 hours. The same franchise has other branches in Nasr City.
  • Sybal restaurant: this restaurant opens 9:00 am and its best menu item is pizza & burger, it’s a nice cozy place a little slow in food preparation but reasonable prices.
  • Panino restaurant: this restaurant opens 12:00 pm located near the famous “Abbas El Aqqad Street”. It offers American style late breakfast with large variety of sandwiches in a generous portions and relatively low price.
  • El Moamen restaurant: this restaurant serves Egyptian food “Foul & Falafel” at a cheap prices, opens at 7:00 am and it is located in heart of Nasr City.
  • Dragon restaurant: Chinese restaurant inside “Genena Mall” and also serves other Asian foods. It offers a special price for students. Good food & friendly staff.
  • Gambareita restaurant: this restaurant serves Egyptian seafood in the 1st district, you should not miss the fried shrimp sandwich offered there.
  • English Way restaurant: this restaurant is located in the 8th district, opens 8:00 am and offers Egyptian food (don’t expect to have an English breakfast there, it’s just a name!), friendly staff and good prices.

Breakfast in Heliopolis and Korba:

Baron Empain Palace in Heliopolis - Cairo - Egypt
Baron Empain Palace in Heliopolis – Cairo – Egypt

Heliopolis was not a part of Old Cairo; it was built in 1905 then was merged into Cairo during the British occupation .Kerba or Korba is the oldest part of Heliopolis. Heliopolis buildings style was originally British and we can still see that style in what is remaining of the old buildings there Design of the Villas and Apartment buildings was targeting specific social classes to rent and live.

Early Nineteenth Century Buildings in Heliopolis - Cairo - Egypt
Early Nineteenth Century Buildings in Heliopolis – Cairo – Egypt

Later on, other building styles were adopted like South Asian, French and Indian, and it became an elegant place to live in and that attracted some of te wealthiest Egyptian population till 1952 revolution. After the revolution it became the home of the educated middle class. The following are breakfast places in Heliopolis and Korba you that I recommend for you to try:

  • Trés Bon restaurant: this restaurant is located in Korba, opens 10:00 am and offers Egyptian and International food. Portions are huge, delicious and staff is friendly and polite.
  • Gad restaurant: this restaurant is located in Korba, opens 10:00 am and offers the famous Egyptian breakfast “Foul & Tamea (Falafel)” and you can enjoy the fresh hot baked bread made in house.
  • Al Manzil restaurant: this is a Lebanese restaurant It opens at 9:00 am and offers special Lebanese Pies “Fatayer” but they only have outdoor seats, so avoid in hot weather or order to go.
  • Peking: this restaurant is located in the heart of Heliopolis, opens 10:00 am and offers Chinese food, expensive but tasty with Chinese atmosphere.

Breakfast near Cairo International Airport:

If you need to be close to the Cairo International Airport, many breakfast Places are close by
If you need to be close to the Cairo International Airport, many breakfast Places are close by

Cairo Airport is the busiest airport in Egypt and the second busiest airport in Africa after the airport of Johannesburg Its location is considered to be part of Heliopolis and was first built during the “World War II” for military use and later in 1963 it became a civil facility. In 2013 a five stars Hotel opened in front of the main terminal by “Le Mérridien” followed by few other hotels like Sheraton and shopping centers in the same area. If you are heading to/from the airport and wish to have a great breakfast check the following restaurants:

  • The Garden Café: this restaurant is 5 minutes away from the Airport gates where you can enjoy a nice meal, deserts and a cup of coffee, it opens at 10:00 am and offers European food in a nice cozy environment.
  • Garage Egypt: A restaurant where you can have a quick bite before catching your flight. It is located on airport road and offers Egyptian food sandwiches for a fair price.
  • Arabiata Rehab and Airport: located also on the airport road and offers Egyptian oriental food and other Italian dishes, opens at 8:00 am and it is relatively cheap.

Breakfast in New Cairo (The 5th Settlement):

New Cairo - Egypt - A Modern City Close to Old Cairo
New Cairo – Egypt – A Modern City Close to Old Cairo

The New Cairo is an area covering around 25 km southern of Greater Cairo, it was established in the year 2000 by a presidential decree and it was designed to host population of 5 million, in 2016 the Egyptian president decided to start a project to move all government ministries to New Cairo but this project is still under construction. It is divided into a number of settlements, but the most important and commercial one is the 5th settlement and I will be listing the only breakfast spots that I believe are worth trying in New Cairo

  • Gaby’s: this restaurant is located inside “Point 90 Mall” It opens at 8:00 am and serves Egyptian Oriental food. It is famous for its “Kofta” and “Feteer”, but it is relatively expensive.
  • Dunes Bar & Restaurant: located in the western Cairo Golf Resort & Spa in Katamya Dunes, opens at 7:00 am and offers Egyptian and International food. It is relatively expensive.
  • Qahwa Restaurant: located in “the Waterway Mall” and opens 8:00 am. It serves Egyptian, French, and Italian food. It is famous for its amazing egg-mushroom breakfast plate and serves the best waffles & crepes in Cairo.
  • The Edward’s: located inside the CFC (Cairo Festival City). It is one of the best breakfast places in CFC. Opens at 9:00 am, lovely interior decor and good wide view in the outdoor seats.


You can have a nice breakfast in many places across Cairo. You can also try different local and international cuisines and style. I usually like to try more than one place when I visit Egypt and settle for hotel breakfast.

Egyptian Feteer - A favorite item on Egyptian Breakfast Menu
Egyptian Feteer – A favorite item on Egyptian Breakfast Menu