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AI Reveals True Faces of Ancient Pharaohs Mummies

Imagine, just for a moment, if we could journey back in time, navigating the vast seas of millennia to come face to face with figures shrouded in mystery, their stories etched in stone and their visages lost to the ages. Well, guess what? Today, that journey becomes a reality!  

Welcome back, Egyptian Planet friends, to the most exciting article on our channel yet.  Today, we’re going to breathe life into history, peeling back the layers of time itself.  Buckle up as we harness the raw power of artificial intelligence to bridge a gap of thousands of years. We’re about to stare into the eyes of Pharaohs and princesses of ancient Egypt, brought back to life through a riveting fusion of history and cutting-edge technology. 

So, don’t blink. You’re about to embark on a journey that defies time and space, a journey that brings history to your doorstep. Stay tuned to witness the faces that launched a thousand ships, commanded armies, and built an empire that stood, unbroken, for over 3000 years. Let’s dive in!

Ahmose I

Today we are going to unmask a face from over 3 millennia an unforgettable figure from the depths of time whose Saga is intertwined with the very soul of ancient Egypt. The Liberator the Builder the Pharaoh Ahmose the first.

And here he is, or in other words his mummy that has been preserved for over 3500 years. Today our latest artificial intelligence technology advancement or AI will try to help us see through history based on the remaining facial characteristics of the mummy of Ahmose the first crafted with cutting-edge AI technology.

This is the generated image of what Ahmose the first may have looked like. Not just a king but the very architect of the New Kingdom. Based on what we know Ahmose lived until his mid-30s.

But wait! We can also train AI to enhance the image and get an enhanced version of Ahmose. Lets try that. Her we go! 

and… Bam! This is an enhanced version resulting from giving AI even more information about Ahmose.

Ahmose I wasn’t born a hero. He was thrust into a storm of chaos and despair. The Hyksos, invaders from a foreign land, held Egypt in their iron grip. But Ahmose saw beyond the darkness. 

He rallied his people, waged war, and drove the oppressors out. Ahmose the 1st reclaimed Egypt, marking the genesis of the 18th Dynasty and the New Kingdom.

However, his legacy was far from merely military triumphs. He rebuilt Egypt, Brought back Thebes as  political and religious capital of Egypt. He initiated grand constructions including temples and a pyramid in Abydos which is one of the oldest and most important cities of ancient Egypt, occupied from as early as 3300 BCE.

Through his eyes, we witness a tale of resilience and determination that echoes through millennia. This is the face of a leader, a warrior, and a visionary – Ahmose the 1st.

What do you think? Did the AI create a realistic image of the great Pharaoh?  Let us know in the comments.

Ahmose Sitkamose

Sitkamose is a princess and then a queen who lived during the late 17th-early 18th Dynasties of Egypt which is about 3550 years ago.

As the only child of Pharaoh Kamose, she was his heir presumptive. She married Prince Ahmose who later became Pharaoh Ahmose the 1st.

She was the royal heir to her father Pharaoh Kamose. But fate had other plans. Less than a year into their marriage, Sitkamose died at age 14, leaving a young Ahmose who was 10 years old at that time to ascend the throne and mourn the loss of his wife.

In his grief, Ahmose posthumously honored her with the titles of Great Royal Wife and God’s Wife of Amoon.

Fast forward to 1881, her mummy was discovered in the Deir El-Bahari cache, mistakenly placed in the  coffin of a man named Pediamun. When unwrapped in 1886, her mummy revealed a strong-built woman who, despite appearing to be in her thirties, was only 14 at her death.

And now, thanks to AI, we can gaze upon the face of Ahmose-Sitkamose, a young princess whose life was cut short, but whose story continues to captivate us.

We applied the latest AI technology to the image of her mummy to process and imagine how she looked like We put AI through multiple iterations of learning about Sitkamose and her story, time, and characteristics.

Meet Ahmose-Sitkamose, a princess from the sands of time, brought to life by cutting-edge AI. She died as a queen.


The next Pharaoh is one of Egypt’s greatest rulers, and today, we reveal his face as he would have looked. But who was this remarkable ruler? Are you ready to meet Seti the First?

Born to Pharaoh Ramesses the 1st and Queen Sitree, Seti the First took the throne around 1290 BC or 3300 years ago. His name, meaning ‘of Set’, indicates his devotion to the god Seth. During his reign, Seti strived to re-establish order after the religious reforms of Akhenaten.

He reconquered lost territories and even challenged the powerful Hittite state. His victories were proudly recorded on the front of the temple of Amoon in Karnak. He constructed magnificent temples in Abydos and what is now known as Qurna.

Seti’s military prowess was impressive. He defeated Libyan tribesmen, quelled rebellions in Nubia, and achieved the greatest feat of his foreign policy: capturing the Syrian town of Kadesh. But, as all mortals do, Seti eventually faced death.

His tomb, discovered in 1817, remains the longest and deepest in the Valley of the Kings. It’s adorned with vibrant paintings and intricate bas-reliefs.

In 1881, his well-preserved mummy was discovered and is now housed at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Thanks to AI, we can now imagine his living face, bringing us closer to the man behind the legend.

Let us ask AI to imagine How Seti the 1st looked like based on his mummy.

And there he is. Seti the 1st as we can imagine him thousands of years after his death. The AI communicated with his mummy and gave us his face.

Thutomose II

Our next Pharaoh was Buried deep in the annals of time, overshadowed by powerful figures, a Pharaoh’s face is about to be brought to life – Thutmose the 2nd.

Thutmose the 2nd, the lesser known fourth Pharaoh of Egypt’s Eighteenth Dynasty, from 1493 to 1479 BC or about 3500 years ago. Overshadowed by his father, Thutmose the 1st, his wife, the famous Hatshepsut, and his son, the legendary Thutmose the 3rd.

In the face of rebellions and Bedouin invasions, Thutmose the 2nd, albeit through his generals, maintained the might of Egypt. His campaigns in Nubia and the Levant have echoed down the ages as markers of his reign.

Discovered in the Deir El-Bahari Cache, the mummy of Thutmose tells a tale of a life marred by hardship and disease, showing a man who faced adversity, both in his rule and his health. Unwrapped by Gaston Maspero in 1886, Thutmose’s mummy was found disfigured by tomb robbers.

Despite the brutal disfigurements, a strong resemblance to his father, Thutmose the 1st, was evident, hinting at a royal lineage that was unmistakable.

Now, using cutting-edge AI technology, we are able to rebuild the face of Thutmose the 2nd, bringing him back to life after thousands of years.

From the dust of history, emerges the face of a Pharaoh. Thutmose the 2nd, we see you now as you were during your time. Welcome back to the world!

What do you think? Did AI successfully portray Thutmose the 2nd from his Mummy’s image? 

AI Reveals True Faces of Ancient Pharaohs Mummies

Watch the video to the end for a bonus AI surprise: animated faces of the Pharaohs you have seen so far: Ahmose I, Sitkamose, Seti the First, And finally Thutmose II.